The story of the magical town of Radenci

The town of Radenci is located on the outskirts of the Pannonian Basin, surrounded by lush landscape, and every autumn the klopotec wind-rattles are a constant reminder that this is wine country. Cycling or walking along the wine route through the hilly vineyards is a pleasant experience whether you are here on holiday or for business, and it is also a great way to get to know the area. The magical story begins as far back as 1833, when Dr Karl Henn discovered the Radenska healing natural mineral water and began pumping it 33 years later. When the Radenska spring was discovered, it roared, hissed and gurgled so loudly that many myths started circulating among the villagers. One of them says that the noise is created by hardworking dwarves digging tunnels to make way for healing water. Another says that there is a large cauldron under the spring, in which witches cook dumplings. Other villagers were convinced, however, that the roaring attracted thunder and lighting.

Although we do not know to this day, whether dwarves, nymphs or some other fairy-tale creatures were to blame, one thing is certain: in Radenci, nature was truly generous with gifts that heal, pamper and strengthen the human body. Radenci is one of the few Slovenian health resorts boasting as many as four natural healing elements. In addition to the famous Radenska Slatina water, there is also healing thermal and mineral water, healing mud baths (peloid) and a beneficial climate with more than 250 sunny days a year. The Radenci health resort is located just a few kilometres from Gornja Radgona and the Austrian border and in the immediate vicinity of highway connections. This is the home of the famous Radenska mineral water, top thermal baths, as well as the venue of the famous Three Hearts Marathon, which has been attracting runners from all over Slovenia, the neighbouring countries and the world for more than 30 years. The wide range of activities of local cultural societies is well-known among both locals and guests. Various theatre performances, performances by choirs, literary evenings and art exhibitions take place in the town throughout the year, making the already interesting everyday life even richer.