A dreamy land by the river Mura on the east of Slovenia is a land full of wide fields and curved hills, storks, wind rattles, floating mills, healing waters, energy points, colourful vineyards, own traditions as well as dialects and foremost full of hospitality of the people that live in this rural area of Slovenia. The biggest tourist attractions in this part of Slovenia are thermal resorts – Thermal resort (Zdravilišče) Radenci with over 130-year-old tradition and famous mineral water (Radenska), Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice, that offer a lot of water attractions, Terme Lendava in the proximity of Lendavske gorice and Terme Banovci with the first ever European nude campsite by the thermal water. Kapelske gorice are famous for top wines and genuine Prlekija cuisine.



When and how could you look at 4 countries at the same time? 

The Vinarium Lendava viewing tower, 53.5 m high, offers you a beautiful 360-degree view of the colorful landscape, which extends from the Lendavske gorice, where the tower is proudly placed, to the Mura basin, and captures the beautiful view of the plains and hills of Slovenia , Hungary, Croatia and Austria. You can reach the highest viewing platform comfortably with a lift or you can climb all the 240 steps and experience the best view around in the most authentic way. After you have enjoyed a beautiful view, took beautiful photos and maybe even took a breath taking “selfie” more than 50 m above the ground, you are invited to the ground floor for homemade culinary delights and tasting top-quality local wines and juices. 

Experience park VULKANIJA

3 million years ago by Grad in Goričko there was the last active volcano on the territory of Slovenia. We re-activated the volcano in our Experience park Vulkanija, where you won’t just learn about the volcano, but also experience its eruption. Additionally, you will find out a lot about volcanoes and geological characteristics of our planet and especially Goričko.

Sikalu Zoo

The zoological garden – zoo is located in Boračeva in municipality of Radenci, nearby to the thermal resort. It is surrounded with a beautiful forest that extends all the way to river Mura and is rounded up by the wine-growing hills on the other side. The zoo is constantly adding new animals and taking care of the paths, ways and its vicinity. In the zoo, among other things, you can find Mexican parrots, two-hump camels, and South American coati or, ring-tailed coati. Entertainment for your youngest and the whole family is guaranteed.

Country chocolatier Passero

The country chocolatier enriches the Passero homestead with a story written on the chocolate plates/bars and pralines. They mix carefully produced homemade ingredients with imagination and passion to produce quality chocolate. From yesterday’s experience and today’s inspiration, they create new experiences.


Slatinski spring, river Mura, park, chapel of St. Ana in the park, church of St. Ciril and Metod (Cyril and Methodius), trim trail in the woods, natural and mineral springs


Chapel, tourist point Pri preši, cellar Kapela Kapelski Vrh, church of St. Marija Magdalena (Mary Magdalene)

Janžev Vrh:

Chapel on the crossroad, apple orchards and vineyards


The 17th century stone pillar mark


Radenska (water filling station), well, chapel in the center of the village, Zemljič and Ožek spring

Gornja Radgona:

Stari Špital, Grad, Aleja velikih, remembrance park “Nikoli več” (“Never Again”), Lisjak river-bed, church of St. Peter, Šahenturm mansion, river Mura

And naturally exploring and discovering the beautiful paths of nature on the other side of the river Mura as well.