The Pomurje region

This dreamy landscape along the Mura River in eastern Slovenia is a land of wide fields and curvy vineyards, storks, klopotec wind-rattles, boat mills, healing waters, energy spots, picturesque vineyards, unique traditions and dialects. But above all, Slovenia’s most agricultural region is inhabited by very hospitable people. Most tourists are drawn to its thermal spas: Zdravilišče Radenci boasts famous mineral waters and a 130-year tradition, Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice offers great water adventures, Terme Lendava is located in the scenic Lendavske Gorice, and Terme Banovci has the first thermal waters nudist camp in Europe. Kapelske Gorice, the beautiful wine country above Radenci, is renowned for top wines and authentic Prlekija cuisine.

The Radenci Mini Golf

The shady Radenci Park hides a mini golf course with 18 holes laid out on good-quality turf. The course features images of Radenci and allows players to learn more about the town through play. Next to the course you can also grab a bite to eat or enjoy a drink.

The Kapela Wine Fountain

The Kapela Wine Fountain is located in the heart of Radgonsko-Kapelske Gorice wine country, at the top of Kapelski Vrh hill, right next to the picturesque Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Its features an array of local wines and other delicacies. Have a glass of wine while enjoying the lovely view across the surrounding landscape.

The Zaton Riding Club

The Zaton Riding Club in the village of Petanjci has been nurturing its equestrian tradition since 2002. It caters to both beginners and competitive-level riders. It is a part of a lovely centre for tourism and recreational sports, located in an inspiring natural environment. The most interesting feature of Zaton is the fact all lemna species native to Slovenia are thriving in its pond. It does not matter how old you are, what your character is, or where you come from, not even whether you are a good rider – riding will make you much more, a friend who earned the trust of their horse.

The Sikalu Zoo

The zoo is located at an estate in the Boračeva village, a stone’s throw away from the health resort. It is surrounded by beautiful forest stretching all the way to the Mura River in the north-east and hilly vineyards in the south-west. The estate is neatly kept up and new animals are brought in regularly. Among other species, the zoo is the home to monk parakeets, Bactrian camels and coatis. A visit to Sikalu Zoo is a delight for the entire family.

The Expano Park

The Expano Park brings its visitors a unique experience of Pomurje. Located next to the Sobota Lake on the outskirts of Murska Sobota, the park uses innovative technology to showcase the beauty and delicacies of Pomurje. It offers insight into all corners of the region, which gave it its name: Gate to Pomurje. Experience Pomurje in a unique exhibition that showcases tourist attractions, nature, crafts and cultural heritage through innovative technology.

Vinarium Lendava

KHave you ever been able to let your gaze roam over four countries at the same time? The Vinarium observation tower is 53.5 metres high and offers stunning 360-degree views of the colourful landscape from the Lendavske Gorice wine country at its foot to the more distant Mura River and the flats and hills across Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. The viewing platform can be reached by an elevator or by climbing the 240 steps that lead to it. After you have taken in and photographed the view, and taken a breath-taking selfie 50 metres above ground, you can enjoy local delicacies, wines and juices on the ground floor of the tower.

The Vulkanija Adventure Park

Three million years ago, the last volcano in present-day Slovenia erupted in what is today the village of Grad in the hills of Goričko. It has been brought back to life by the Vulkanija Adventure Park. Here, you will not only learn about the volcano but also get to experience the eruption. Visitors learn many interesting facts about volcanos and geological characteristics of our planet, and above all about the Goričko hills.

The Passero Chocolaterie

The Passero Chocolaterie is a sweet addition to an old homestead, a story filled with chocolate bars and pralines. Lovingly home-grown ingredients are combined with a lot of imagination and passion to make exquisite chocolates. Here, new experiences are created from old wisdom and fresh inspiration.

Local landmarks

The Slatina springs, the Mura River, the Chapel of St. Ana in the Park, the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, recreational track in the forest, natural and mineral springs
The chapel, the tourist spot Pri Preši (at the wine press), the Kapela Kapelski Vrh wine cellar, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Janžev Vrh:
The chapel at the crossroads, apple orchards and vineyards
The 17-century pillar
The Radenska bottling plant, the stream, the chapel in the centre in the village, the Zemljičev and Ožekov springs
Gornja Radgona:
The Stari Špital hall, the castle, the Aleja Velikih walk, the memorial park dedicated to World War I victims, the Lisjakova Struga pond, the Church of St. Peter, the Šahenturm manor and the Mura River

Wine and cuisine

Treat yourself to local delicacies and wines at:

* Radgonska klet * Dvorec Stayer
* Hiša penin Frangež * Gostilna Rajh
* Gostilna Mencinger * Pivohram Golar
* Gostišče Marof * Pizzerija Casa del Nonno
* Vinotoč Belak * Gostilna Zorko
* Gostilna Adanič * Bistro Piccolo
* Gostišče Oaza * Gostišče Tonček
* Gourmet Kodila * Jeruzalem Taverna
* Vinska klet Jeruzalem Ormož * Pizzerija & pivovarna Kostanj

* And many more.

And explore the wonderful countryside across the Mura River…