About us

Vila Anna

The Vila Anna apartments were built in 2006 as a Jelen family project. Their owner Miran Jelen says he was often asked on the street whether apartments could be rented in Radenci. Some years later he decided to expand his transport business and build family apartments in town centre, providing comfortable accommodation with all the equipment and comforts a traveller or tourist may need on holiday.
“Everything is alright in the end. If things aren’t good yet, it means that it’s not yet the end…” – Miran Jelen, Vila Anna owner.

The villa pays homage to the beginnings of the Radenci health spa. Each apartment is named after an individual who contributed greatly to the development of tourism in this town, leaving an indelible mark on the discovery of the mineral springs and the development of the health resort. In this way, every apartment brings its guests closer to the characteristics of the town, with the six apartments having been inspired by Radenci’s history.
The Jelen family are driven and dedicated to meet their guests’ every need. We invite you to become a part of our story and enjoy the comforts of Vila Anna.