Dear guests!

Radenci is a special place, though it was unheard of until 1881 when its mineral water was first pumped. According to some sources at that time it was called Radin, according to others Radinci, but when the spa tourism started it was famous as Bad Radein. It was Dr. Karl Henn a young student of medicine, who in 1833 when travelling to Ljutomer heard »bubbling« and concluded it was the mineral water springs not “the witches cooking hail” as the locals thought. He was also the first to conclude that those springs were of utmost importance...
Dr. Henn founded a spa which after his death was run by his wife and son, then by his grandson and following that by Dr. Šarić. We have taken their names for the apartments in villa Anna. Radenci as a spa developed the most when run by Dr. Šarić. After WW2 the spa was nationalized but nevertheless together with the town Radenci it underwent a surprising development. After 1963 Radenci expanded towards northwest.
Today Radenci is a contemporary health and tourist resort with all the necessary infrastructure, a wonderful place to spend an active holiday. If you have decided to come and relax villa Anna is the perfect place to stay.